Friday, February 7, 2003

Packing up

We pack up our luggage and clean up the lounge and kitchen.

We leave the Priory just before the 11:00 deadline.

Cheddar Gorge

CheddarJennifer not smoking

We detour via the Cheddar Gorge.

Beer and lunch is enjoyed at the Cox's Mill Hotel.

I liberate a stuffed sheep from a tourist shop.

"No. I don't come from Wales!" I reply when challenged.


Goats: 2 pairs of Nanny and KidWeir. Bernie contemplates free energy.
The goats we saw at the top of the escarpment have now make their way down to the village.




By 14:00 we leave and head for Cambridge, taking a cross country route. The Nutters in my car listen to the turbulent end to our story, The Beach.

We adjourn at the Black Horse at Woburn for pudding and beer. (Another familiar haunt of mine.)

The roads back to Cambridge are familiar. 


We're welcomed by Jenny and Jack.

The cars are unloaded. Remnants of our food store are shared out.

Jack is delighted: he immediately helps himself to two packs of chocolate cereal, soaks then in milk, and starts eating.

"Been fed pizzas all week. I'm starving!" he claims.

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