Thursday, February 6, 2003

Helicopter Museum

Demonstration of linkagesDave, Rick, Gav, I head off for the Helicopter Museum in Weston super Mare.

Laura and Andrew had visited the museum last year, and recommend it to us.

There's a lot to take in.
Sky CamGavin the Pilot
I'm intrigued by the 1970's vintage Marconi TV Sky Camera.
RobinsonAnother Helicopter
The museum volunteers strip off paint, refurbish the bodywork and repaint the craft in original colours.
Yet Another HelicopterQueen's Flight
The aim of the refurbishment is for static display only, not for flying.

Airframes have a set lifetime in hours. (30,000 hours) Once that has expired - that's it: the helicopter may not be flown anymore.
A guide, with a voice like a helicopter, choppy and gravely asks us if we would like a look around the workshops and the graveyard.

On some of the craft, the metal airframe is made from a magnesium aluminium alloy: that means serious corrosion with seawater. Helicopters fizz!


Weston super Mare

WestonBoatsWe park on the beach.

Before you email the council, it's allocated for parking.

Vague attempts to do handbrake turns in a four wheel drive and a car full of people doesn't really work!


Weston and Tourist

Weston is empty. This is the time of year to come! No tourists.

The weather closes in. Clag is a good word to use.

A lazy relaxed afternoon is spent in a local pub.

We take the toll road back to the Priory.

No one takes the money.


ProiryProiryWe return just as night falls.

Cattle grid

Cattle Grid worksThe workmen are nearly finished the work. They're impatient to finish: they're waiting for the grid to turn up.

"They should have got one off the shelf. We had to make a template. It's silly! The grid is bound to be slightly none square. It just makes our live difficult"

The two workmen have done an excellent job. (I speak with some experience: I'm currently living in a new estate where houses are being thrown up.)

The side fence is being opened up to access for the gas. The gas tanker is due the next day. The next Landmark residents will have a full tank.



Of course Rick wins.

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