Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Morning Walk

Blue sky!Cattle"It's another bright sunny day!"
Nick Andrew Laura on HeadlandLaura and Andrew join us for a walk up to the headland.

"How wonderful to have the sea so close! Only 10 minutes away!" they remark.

Today we turn right, eastward. We can see across the Bristol Channel to Wales, and northward to the two motorway bridges crossing the River Severn.

Second Severn Crossing Second Severn Crossing
Flat HolmFlat Holm
Fenced outWe look...We're on National Trust property.

We cannot walk all the way to the head: there's a chain link fence with razor wire blocking our way.

Sharp objects?

QinetiQRazor wireThe MOD occupy St Thomas's Head.


Wookey Hole

Wookey Hole EntranceThe caves are interesting.

Slightly tacky tour - we could do without the animated witch! The caves are splendid on their own merit.
CaveCavePlease don't use flash - it annoys the bats!
Paper making demostrationWatermarkThere's a paper museum on the site, with a demonstration of paper being made.

Paper manufacture relies on plentiful running water, hence its location on the river flowing from the caves.
MirrorsIdiotThere's an end of the pier display.

What is the association with the caves?  I don't know!

The local pub is shut and the restaurant doesn't appeal. We head off to Wells, only a few miles away.


MemorialI revisit a favourite city.

Was it really 1983 when I was last here? I was celebrating New Year's Eve with college friends.
Tosser!Transmitting mast
We find a pub in the centre - Old Tosser! Had to have some of that! Good food too.

Rick gives us a run down on the transmitting mast on the Mendip Hills, overlooking the city.

West Front. Wells CathedralNave
We visit the cathedral.

It's 17:15, evensong is starting.

I like Wells.

We find a loose flagstone in the Cathedral. We lift it. There's a tunnel. We're immediately transported back to Woodspring Priory.

A Change in the Weather

Darkness falls. I pop outside with Laura - she's going to enjoy a "ciggy break". A crisp sharp frost is on the ground. The sky is filled with stars.

By 22:00 the frost and stars have gone. It's milder, and beginning to rain.

KitchenBack to the warm fire, wine, sleep...

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