Monday, February 3, 2003

I stayed over at The Jennys' overnight so that we could all meet up and set off from Cambridge.

Our 2 car convoy leaves at 11:00. Red car (Dave, Rick, Bernie) Blue car (Nick, Jennifer, Gav).

I drive the lead Blue car. Perversely I head straight back home to Milton Keynes. It's on the way.

Stony Stratford

I recommend a break at a local favourite restaurant of mine, the Royal Thai Restaurant Stony Stratford. 4.95 business lunch chilli beef and a steamed banana for pudding.

We leave Stony with full bellies at 14:00.


Jennifer, Gav and I are warped to an island off of Thailand. Paradise. We're listening to The Beach, a story narrated on a set of CD's.

We are all oblivious to the route taken: A422, Buckingham, A421, Bicester, A34, Oxford, A420 Swindon, M4, M5, Weston super Mare.

Woodspring Priory

Laura and Andrew arrive at the Priory 5 minutes before us. He calls on the phone whilst we're driving along the track to the building.

We're there around at 17:00.


Front door furniture

Andrew directs us to where we are to park: a neighbouring field. The cattle grid on the track to property is being replaced so we cannot park on the normal hard standing. No great hardship, just the minor nuisance of mud.

We enter via the wooden front door. It's solid - with "proper" locks!

The cars are unloaded. It's almost dark

We Explore


Dave and Nick's room. Rooms are claimed. Laura and Andrew take the only double bedroom in the old North Aisle.

Dave and I share the twin next to the double bedroom. The top of two perpendicular arches face our room.

Bernie takes the twin room with Jennifer in the farmhouse, with Gav and Rick in the room next to them.
Spiral staircase
Steep spiral staircases connect between the floors.


Opening TimesPart of the building is a public museum.

Every day the concierge, who lives close by, opens the museum at 10:00 and closes it again in the evening.

The museum is isolated from the living accommodation, there is no risk of strangers stomping around, disturbing us.

Public Sitting RoomPublic Sitting Room
Leading from the museum is a comfortable sitting room for the public.


CrossingUpper floorThe structure of the church has been altered since the dissolution. Cancel and aisles have been demolished.

A second storey had been built in to the crossing under the tower. This had been removed, restoring the space of the church interior.

A painted wall shows evidence of a room on the upper storey.

TraceryFilled in arch


We go to Sainsbury's supermarket in Weston to load up with wine and ingredients for tomorrow's evening meal.

We head into the town of Weston super Mare. A pub is found. We ask the locals for a fish and chip shop to recommend.

"Papas, Can't miss it. Big Yellow sign."

Yes - we recommend it too.


We return to the Priory.

In the lounge there is a large hearth and grate. Andrew sets and lights a fire. (Logs are provided at 3.50 a bag.)

Wine is opened.

We talk

We retire.

We sleep.

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