Wednesday 4th April

Dylan Thomas



CastleA brighter day - enough sunshine to entice JM to the sea. Spring is in the air!

Laugharne castle with car park adjacent to the estuary. This make mobility very easy for JM. Coffee and tea cakes satisfy the 11:00 snack. And chip shop for 12:00 noon - JM enjoys the simpler arrangements. 

Laugharne is where the poet Dylan Thomas lived and drunk lots. 

A little game

I now have a little game. How many seconds does it take to get the owner/ proprietor/ landlord to say "Foot and Mouth". The stopwatch is started on entry to the establishment.

The Owl and Pussycat Restaurant 3min 1sec. 
The Castle Chippy 1 min 5 seconds. (Apparently the nearest Foot and Mouth is near Buith Wells)

Yes I know Foot and Mouth is serious, but you'll have to put up with my humour!


Kids and sand and cliffsWe explore further down the coast and visit Pendine. JM likes the sands and cliffs. Shame the place is closed up. From the highland behind Pendine we see Lundy and wave.

Camarthen Leisure Centre

Freedom! I'm off to the Camarthen Leisure Centre. During the day it's the sports centre for the local school. The Leisure Centre opens for the public at 17:30pm. Sensible - why not use the place for all, throughout the day.


Sheep! Picture taken from the beach at LlansteffanBaaa! Picture taken from the beach at Llansteffan A drive down to the estuary of the Towy, and another fine castle at Llansteffan. 

The weather is fine, settled and calm on the coast: over the mountains it's cloudy and wet.

Excellent sandy beach. A sign says "Access to castle is restricted." The small print implies that stepping one foot beyond this barrier and you'll get a 5000 fine. 

The PM Mr Blair says all footpaths that do not cross farm land should be opened. "We are open for business!" Rubbish! These castles are closed! Dynefwr, Dryslwyn, Llansteffan. All footpaths I've seen are closed. The local government has the authority and has chosen to close all footpaths - so take that central government!

Anyway, there's not that many footpaths here in West Wales - apparently an effect of the Toll Gate Riots here in 1839.


JM thrashes me at Scrabble. It's a tedious game.

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