Jolly Mollie does West Wales

FlowerI join my mother (A.K.A. Jolly Mollie) exploring the West of Wales. These pages cover our week's break that started on 31st March until 7th April 2001.

We survived North Norfolk last year. Will we survive this year? 

The Government's Message "Don't Go!..... Please Go!"

The Foot and Mouth crisis and the Tourist Industry are at odds:

Summed up by a news release a few weeks ago:

The Director of the Garden of Wales, Charles Stirton, said, `We do not want to encourage people to make unnecessary journeys into the countryside at this time of crisis for farmers and for the farming community as a whole. By closing the Garden to the public we hope to discourage travel between and into rural areas.` He added: `We are reviewing our position on a daily basis and will do whatever we are able to do to prevent this situation from escalating.`

`We will lose income through our decision to close the Garden of Wales to the public and we will inconvenience a great many people who have already planned to visit us however it is far more important to us to behave in a responsible manner to the local community and to the country and to do what little we can to prevent the spread of this devastating disease.`

Now we have:

Mr Tim Giles, Chief Executive of the Carmarthenshire Tourist Association said: "With the majority of our key visitor attractions now committed to re-opening before Easter - the news will be welcomed by the many thousands of people who now rely on the tourism industry within Carmarthenshire as their main source on income. What is particularly important is the fact that the move follows-on from the many positive discussions the industry has held with the farming unions in Wales and will abide firmly to a 'Visitors Charter' giving practical advice on how to visit the Carmarthenshire countryside without jeopardising the future of our agricultural industry".

My conclusion

It's a close thing. Do we cancel the holiday? Or risk the luke warm reception of  "English tourists near our fields, clear off!" There is a lot of sense in keeping well away. I've even been putting planned "confluence" trips on hold for the last few months.

The Government now wants its tax revenue earning citizens to to visit the countryside. Mr Blair now asks us to just leave the livestock alone.

We'll go! 

Email to Our Hosts 

Dear Mrs McLoughlin

Just a quick question: How "open" is Carmarthen and district? Which tourist magnets are operating normally? (This question is triggered by the news w.r.t. the government "closing" the countryside, then reopening it again as more tax revenue is generated that way....)

I look forward to staying with you next week. (I'm driver, gopher, companion to Mrs M E Hubbard.)

RegardsNick Hubbard

Dear Mr Hubbard,

Thank you for your e-mail. 

Luckily there is no foot and mouth disease in Carmarthenshire so most tourist attractions have now re-opened. The National Botanic Garden and Aberglasney Gardens will be open for your visit. Farmland and footpaths are still closed but as there are very few public footpaths in this area that is not a problem for us. All tourists are being asked to keep away from animals, not to leave litter and generally to act responsibly. We have had guests throughout the crisis and they have found very few restrictions when visiting the area. If you take a look at they have an up-to-date listing of all the attractions that are open. In addition to that list the attractions in Swansea and Cardiff have not been affected.

Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.

Catherine McLoughlin

The accommodation

The Attractions

Aberglasney Gardens, a garden of past, present and future.

Since I've been instructed to leave the local sheep alone, I hope there are a few more attractions around.

Comments? Email me!

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