Saturday, October 30, 2004

Nutters Dispersal - Phase 1

Matthew demonstrates map reading Our party is now splitting up and making tracks for home. Phil and his son Matt are leaving: Matt has booked a concert this evening in London. Some combo called HIM, an acronym for His Imperial Majesty, referring to the late Rastafarian-worshipped king Haile Selassie.

I accompany Phil into Dolgellau to fill his wagon with Petrol, taking the opportunity for a chin-wag before he goes.

At 11:00 Jenny, with Jack drive Phil and Matt to Machynlleth station. This gives Jenny a chance to look around C.A.T. (Jack – well he liked the chickens.)
Phil viewing mountains

Convoy to Machynlleth.

Simon Our reduced 3 car convoy travels to Maclinith. The view of Mynydd Moel is spectacular.

Matthew and I honoured to have Si as passenger; he clearly wants to bask in the erudite wit that surrounds our car.

We have lunch at some tea rooms in Machynlleth. I get more verbal from Si: "Liver and 2 boiled veg is for old people!"

14:15 Jenny joins us… only for us to disappear heading off for the Quad bikes.

Beiciau Madian Quads

All Terrain Vehicles

We liked the bikes so much yesterday, we did it again. Beiciau Madian Quads are delighted to have our custom once more!

Louise and I decline. For me today was a chance to play with a camera. What lenses should I use? A wide angle would be good for the trial with bikes speeding through the stream - a telephoto lens for the rest of the course. I compromise. Telephoto. Manual exposure – set on grass – slow shutter 1/125th (ISO 800, F/9.5) Yes, a dull overcast day. (Around 12dB cloud attenuation over a bright sunny day.) That last bit was extra nerdy!

There are 2 teams, each with a leader and tail bike from the farm:

  • Si, Bernie, Jon
  • Jenny, Jack, Jennifer, Rick, Matthew, Gavin.
Jon, Si, Bernie
Jack BernieSimon Jack
Jenny Bernie JonJenny Matthew Jenny
Rick JackJennifer Bernie
  RickGav Gavin Jennifer
  MatthewJenny Bernie

Nutters Dispersal - Phase 2

  Jenny, Jennifer and Jack leave for Cambridge. (A vital meeting to prepare for.)
We return to the rectory.

Nutters Dispersal - Phase 3

  No more Grand Theft Auto. Si, his sister Louise and her man, Gavin, are leaving. They have a long journey back to Cambridge: they’re dropping off Si in Chorleywood.

The house is quiet with all the boys gone. Only a core of Nutters remain (Jon, Rick, Matthew, Bernie and I.)

We pack into Bernie’s car and head for Dolgellau for some fish and chips.
We’ve found all the counter staff in the town friendly: the hotel pub; the Spar, the Threshers offy; the tea room; and now the Chippy.

We startle some locals.
The Locals


  After making a start on tiding up the place, we relax and play cards.

A game of Munchkin followed by poker. We play for pennies, Estonian sents and Risk tokens. (15 year old whisky and digestives - very pleasant and enjoyable!)

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