Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Cliff Railway at CAT (Centre For Alternative Technology)
When the wind blows
We head of to the Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth. (Jenny and Jack remaining at the rectory.)

I like to see what C.A.T. are up to: I usually pay them a visit every few years. 1999 2001

It's not really the best weather to make a visit. There’s no sun and no wind. You can’t really expect the demonstrations to be doing anything.

The restaurant is up to standard.


Says it all really
Bernie and BT phone box

King Arthur's Labyrinth

Brother and Sister
In the caverns
The Nutters visit King Arthur's Labyrinth, some caverns in a mountainside.

You get:

  • a boat ride there
  • to see several tableaux
  • to witness an animated sword and dragon
  • to see a waterfall
  • a boat ride back
  • led by a sneezing escort in a hooded cloak. “It's the damp you know. It gets to you.”

All well worth the £5 entrance fee.

Passage lighting


Rainbow Matthew and I return to the rectory, choosing an indirect route via Abergynolwyn. (I recall a long weekend spent here in Feb 1984 with college friends. Time flies.)

By the time we reach the coast at Fairbourne there’s a strong easterly gale. We walk down the banked stony shore…progress is difficult.
Several trees are blown down partially blocking the road back …and to think there was no wind blowing a few hours earlier back at C.A.T.

Matthew prepares a veggie split pea meal. It tastes fine when plastered in hot chutney.
Lighting up

Barmouth at Night

  Jenny, Phil, Jon, Bernie and I drive to Barmouth. Fishing boats are tied up close to shore. Gale, spray, lights. Quite dramatic weather. Spray
Barmouth at night

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