Monday, October 25, 2004


Simon is unfazed by the bunch of weird adults he's been obliged to be with for the week. He soon puts me in my place.

He tells me that I must be old as I’m having toast with marmalade, and muesli for breakfast. “That’s old man’s food. Young people choose cereals that turn the milk brown!”

Settling down with his cereal he adds: “…and stop saying ‘dude’: it’s so un-cool coming from an old person!”


We leave Louise with the three boys and walk to the local town, Dolgellau. A 3 mile round trip. Yes there's rain but the walk is very pleasant. (The weather steady improves during the next few days, and is very mild for late October.)

The river is in spate.

We have coffee in a busy tea room.

Phil, Jenny and I explore the track behind the rectory. (Time for her to play with low gear 4WD up a steep incline.)


Gavin inspects the river flow



Sand and Stones
Jack having fun

The afternoon sees us in the small town of Barmouth on the coast. Barmouth has sun, sand and a supermarket.

The chip shop opposite the railway station is recommended.

We tempt Jenny with a £199 Electric Scooter on display in a toy shop. Will she buy it before we leave for home?


Jack enjoying a sandblast
Wind blowing sand on Barmouth shore
Barmouth Barmouth Walkers


Jack slaysThe boys are prepared: there’s a bar billiards table and dart board. A Playstation 2 and GameCube are plumbed in.

The board game Civilisation Bernie had brought is deemed too incomprehensible.

Munchkin and Risk 2100 AD rules the day. We all know when it’s Rick’s turn… he takes his time... a very long time.


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