Sunday, October 24, 2004


We make a leisurely start, leaving Milton Keynes around 10:30. Within an hour we meet a contingent of Nutters at the M6 services near Coventry

I have the pleasure of acquainting myself with Gavin’s most favoured person Louise and her younger brother Simon. I realise that going on holiday with a bunch of Nutters would be daunting for such nice normal people.

We head off in a convoy of 4 cars. We’ve all got licence free radios to keep in contact. (446MHz using Channel 7 (446.08125MHz) with CTCSS tone 77Hz.)

Here’s the route we take: M6 M54 Shrewsbury Welshpool Dolgellau Llanelltyd.

We stop at a garage just before we get to Dolgellau – we meet our first real Welsh person. She has remarkable teeth that are clearly her own. She sells us some citrus flavoured Kit-Kat chocolate biscuits. They taste of toilet cleaner.

By 15:00 we’re at the rectory. We’re early and the cleaner tells us to kindly come back later. “We’ll be ready in a couple of hours!”


(pronounced Dow geth lee)

We find a comfortable bar in The Royal Ship Hotel at Dolgellau, a mile or so from the rectory. Our nerdy conversations (Tetra radio, 2 dimensional barcodes, RFID) is excellent material for tormenting the teenage boys!

We stock up at a local grocer’s, a Spar in a Converted chapel.

Matthew’s cap gets blown into the river. ”I couldn't do anything because of the beer! [that I was carrying.]”

Retrieving the cap is an excuse for Matthew and Jack to get their feet wet.

It's only a few inches!


Decent Pressure VesselWe gain access. Yep, it’s a big old rectory! I’m blasé, having lived in a couple when a child. Built 1904. 5 bedrooms - servant quarters being used! It's been recently refurbished with a decent oil fired central heating system.

Jenny and I collect Phil and his son Matt from Barmouth Station at 19:30. We now have our full compliment. The Tom Tom Go, a vocalising, GPS based map proves useful: I program it with "Barmouth Station", and it tells us where to go. (I'd love to program it with an abusive voice!)

Louise has prepared two curries for our evening meal. One has dead flesh, the other is veggie compatible.

We watch a DVD. New York gets a dusting of snow in The Day After Tomorrow.

View from the Rectory

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