Thailand Laos Holiday

The Farang visit south-east Asia.

The Holiday

Everything was organised by Gecko Travel. We chose their Northern Laos & the Golden Triangle tour - all we had to do is pay and turn up. (Gecko Travel. are now All Points East.)

Who is "we"? Laura, Andrew and myself, Nick.  



Andrew and I took a ridiculous amount of photos, (Let's use those 8GB memory cards!)

Take a look at the favourites

I'm using also using Flickr. (Accessing images on a home server in the UK from Laos is a bit slow!)


Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse is a Lao-based business publishing books that make it fun for kids to learn to read.

I visited them in Luang Prabang and made a modest donation to sponsor a book party and mini-library.

They invited me to join the party, but the tour had the day arranged to leave Luang Prabang and head to Vientiane. OK - next time!

Here's the email they sent describing the party.

They create and adapt their own stories so that the books are really of interest to the kids who will read them. There aren't that many books in Laos targeted for children in the Lao language.

If you're interested in more information about the tireless work this organization does, visit their web site They host on average 4 books parties a week.

A small donation of even 5 can buy a bundle of books for a classroom to share and enjoy!


Peter's Diary

Peter, a friend from our Gecko tour, kept a dairy.

"Oh" - I said, plying him with beer - "I'll have that".

I did, and here it is.


Richard's Photos

Richard, another friend from our Gecko tour, took some photos.


Tim's Photos

Tim, another friend from our Gecko tour, took some photos.


Do's and Don'ts

Here's a flash version of the book "Do's and Don'ts" that's usually lurking in Laos hotel rooms.

And where does the sun set in Vientiane?

We visited in April. We were promised a riverside sunset treat on the river Mekong at Vientiane.

(We didn't. The sun disappeared behind buildings. I should have put money on it.)

The sun sets over the river between September and March, as depicted in this image.

The Route

Here's a map of the route we took.


Yes - I've made return trips.