Monday, September 22, 2003


Jack's got school. Jenny's got a council meeting. I've got a meeting with BT.

I'm up at dawn. How totally inhumane it is to get up so early!

Bernie and Jennifer say goodbye. We leave the others asleep. They can take their time to pack and take a leisurely journey back home.

We leave at 07:00. Jack's dropped of at his school in Cambridge at 09:00. I say farewell to Jenny, and I'm in MK by 10:30, the weather finally breaking 10 minutes before I get home. A real downpour after the excellent sunny weather enjoyed over the last three days.

Doppler Shift

Bernie and Rick get excited on their journey home listening to a 10GHz signal.

Bernie explains. "It was a radio thing - with the significance that the frequency was very high (10368 MHz). At that frequency, just 10 or 20mph speed will cause several hundred Hz Doppler shift. Doppler shift is something that in practice you never come across. It's there with non geostationary satellite links too, but again, that is something that most people don't get into (and with all Broadband links you wouldn't have cause to see the Doppler anyway).

"The thing that was pleasing was that for a transmit power of 0.1W, we were hearing it some twelve miles away on what I wouldn't of thought was a line of sight path. Just think of a flashlight being shone from the BT tower at Martlesham and us seeing it twelve miles away."

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