Sunday, September 21, 2003


Jenny on Gavin's bikeThere's a tea shop a couple of doors away. It's the height of laziness to sit outside and demand to be fed.

Hubbard's Hill

HomeI'm keen to visit my ancestral home on Hubbard's Hill, just outside Peasenhall.

We take a leisurely walk from the Landmark Property. I say "Hi!" to the spirits.

Otter Trust

OttersWe say hello to the otters at the reserve near Bungay. We're in time to see them enjoy their 15:00 feed.

The 711 series wall phone in the entrance dates the establishment to the early 1970's.

Walberswick Crabs

liberated crabscrab

Walberswick is a small village on the Suffolk coast. A major attraction here is crabbing by the harbour.

Jack has a fishing line. I steal a rasher of bacon and attach a piece to Jack's line. Jack lowers the bait under water; within seconds he has caught a crab.

Some young girls we doing a much better job with a small bag of bacon and a net. They were hauling in six at a time.


DunwichWe return to Peasenhall to meet Phil. We pile into his car and head of to Dunwich, a town that slipped into the sea.

I was hoping to see ruined houses with exposed foundations and distraught owners wringing their hands. Unfortunately the destruction happened a long time ago.

Evening Meal

Hall. Enjoy an after dinner chatShuttle cockBernie been preparing our evening's repast.

A shuttlecock was found. A lot of giggling and shouting ensued.

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