Saturday, September 20, 2003

Lazy MorningPeasenhallWe enjoy a lazy start. Gavin feeds us with his freshly cooked Scottish pancake.

Orford Ness

ReflectionShingleOrford Ness was the home of the Anglo American "over the horizon" radar station in the late 1960's.
Encrusted AnchorCollapsed FrameIt is now a nature reserve run by the National Trust.
Sign - we assumed a meta signMeditation
Log Periodic -  a photo on a museum wall Observation stationBird spotters love it, but there's not much there for geeks now. All the old aerial installations have gone.

Some new shiny masts to the north carry the BBC's World Service.


Child in observation stationjackOne old building is relatively intact.

On top is a working camera obscura.

Rick inspecting camera obscura. Jon looking on.Lighthouse through wireThe Cobra Mist Over The Horizon Radar installation was sited at Orford Ness in the 1970's.
Egg insulatorA egg insulator was the most hi-tech archaeology we found.
WhipBehind wire

Cistercian Abbey

Cistercian AbbeyThere's a ruinous abbey a few minutes walk from Peasenhall, situated in a wooded area near the village of Sibton. Built in 1150. The remains include parts of the refectory and the south wall of the nave, but these are heavily overgrown.

The land is privately owned and is not accessible to the public.


MealRiskJenny and Jack prepare pasta and veggie gruel. We enjoy the meal in our spacious hall.

Risk. Rick is in his element once more. He colludes with Gav. Jack puts up a good fight.

I must analyse the rules some time. Must be pretty easy if Rick consistently wins. Must be an element of luck too.

Hall roofMaky's custard based dessert Maky prepares a Jaffa Cake and Champagne Trifle, from a recipe in one of the log books.

It took forever to set.

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