Friday, September 19, 2003


GavWe meet at "The Jennys" in Cambridge.

Bernie drives with Macky and Rick. Gavin, the biker, does his thing. I take Jon and Jennifer.

Jenny will be along later with Jack. She's giving a talk at the Cambridge Radio Club this evening.


The journey from Cambridge to Peasenhall is pretty straightforward. We choose to detour via Aldeburgh.


Rick and Gavin try the dorr at the Martello TowerSun, Sea and NuttersSun, sea and Nutters.

We reach Aldeburgh by 12:30. A pub is located, serving excellent Adnams Regatta beer.

I have some indifferent "pancake" that needed finishing up. Gavin promises to make us some real pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. 

We walk to the Martello Tower south of the town. (Some drive in air-conditioned comfort!)


Bedroom roofGavin and wellOur accommodation for the week has a large hall between two houses. The Hall is open to the public. The houses both open into the hall. I instructed Jack to be obnoxious so we would not have any problem with strangers. Another Landmark Trust party staying in a neighbouring house tried to enjoy some wine in our hall, but they soon retreated back to their rightful place after 5 minutes.

It's a very interesting old timber frame building.


There's a pleasant enough pub 10 minutes walk from us. They serve an adequate Dover Sole and Chips.

We sit outside, enjoying the clear starry sky. The Milky Way is very clear. This is the first time Jon has ever witnessed it.

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