More time! 

A couple of extra days would have been welcome.

I would have liked to explored further. There are the local ruins, standing stones, St Ninian's chapel, Wigtown for the ridiculous number of second-hand book shops.


Expect rain. It rains on Scotland's west coast. Just prepare for it!

The Machars - A place to live?

Wall in sunshine!The "Old Place of Monreith" is on land called The Machars, jutting out into the Irish Sea, north of the Isle Of Man. 

Would we want to live there? Well better phones and internet connectivity would help. House prices are cheap!

Tempting, just a little bit too isolated.


A Map of The Machars

The Rhins & Machars of Galloway 

Landmark Trust

Annex 1

Gavin Maxwell

Gavin Maxwell, the naturalist, racing driver, painter, is connected with the "Old Place of Monreith". He was the famed otter fanatic, and author of  "Ring of Bright Water". He had unconventional lifestyle, better suited to today's more tolerant attitudes than with the Britain of his day. 

The "Old Place of Monreith" was one of the Maxwell family houses. In his biographies there are drawings and descriptions of  the building.

Gavin in our party was named after Gavin Maxwell. This seems to be a good a reason to visit the place as any!

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