Thursday 21st February


Jennifer and Bernie return to Cambridge as had been arranged. Jennifer has a council meeting where the future of democracy in the Western World was in peril. "It's vital to attend." They leave early and are back in Cambridge by 15:30


The remaining party travel to Ayr. The inclement weather has returned - more wind and rain.  

Sprog the dog gets left to guard the house while we trek across to Ayr, 68 miles away.

We stop at at pub, The Old Trout, at Barrhill. Inside we ask the old trout behind the bar about food. She was so amazed at our request. It was if I had requested a deviant act to be performed there and then on the pool table. She could not oblige.

Ten miles further on we enjoy fish and chips at a cafe by Girvan harbour. The locals shift out of the way so we can all sit together. Mutterings of "Bloody Sassenachs."

Castle in the rainCulzean Castle

(Laura says it's pronounced Cullane) It's a 18th Century mansion designed by Robert Adam. 

The castle is closed: we're too early in the season.

We walk around the outside of the castle in the rain. At least there are no crowds, and the car is easy to find in the car park!

Kilt Shop in Ayr

Arrive Ayr - turbo sweet cakes and a good cup of tea.

Gavin learns that his new job offer is confirmed, starting the following Monday. He celebrates the good news by ordering himself a made to measure kilt. He chooses a "Hunting Stewart" tartan that has more subdued colours than the garish regular Stewart tartan. 

He tries on a couple of kilts whilst he is being measured up. He looks very smart. Very appropriate - no stupid juvenile "bloke in a skirt" comments.

"Very comfortable too."

Monreith Arms Hotel

We return along the switchback road and back to our favourite hotel to enjoy more excellent food. We are welcomed and given the best table in the house, next to a roaring log fire.

Old Boy looking out to sea at Port William

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