Wednesday 20th February

We casually split into three groups, after all we're not married to each other!

Group 1 - The Walkers

Jennifer, Bernie and I walk along the old track from the house leading to Monreith and towards the sea. It's raining, but the odd break in the cloud gives us a view of distant mountains covered in snow. 

There are large clumps of snowdrops. Carpets of snowdrops seems a clichéd but accurate description.

We are enticed back to the Monreith Arms Hotel. Good Food! We eat at the bar - joined by the locals and the landlord.

We walk back home in sunshine, with blue sky making an appearance. Jennifer hadn't broken in her shoes: her feet have blisters. 

Group 2 - The Drivers

Laura and Andrew and Sprog drive around the coast and hug a few stones. They visit Wigtown which has an excessive number of book shops.

Group 3 - The Chillers

Rick and Gavin play Risk, backgammon and DVD's, and generally chill.


We all meet up by late afternoon. Rick and Bernie play radios. The aerial is moved to a better position. This is the only way to communicate with friends at home that works reliably!

Evening drive 

Isle Of ManBernie and I drive off to fill his car with petrol. We fill up at an peculiar garage that's a converted church in nearby Whithorn. 

We find a derelict house in an amazing location overlooking the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man clearly visible 20 miles away.

The roads are almost empty - evening rush hour is not a concept around here!

Sun over Luce Bay

We had given up on seeing any sun - but an hour before sunset the sky cleared.

We witness the sun setting over Luce Bay. 



We all get together for our evening meal. The left over curry has become nice and thick. Warmed up leftovers! We don't care!
Leftovers and a combination of red wine and beer is excellent!

Bernie and AndrewAndrew and Rick and LogbooksLaura, Red Eye Gav, and Jennifer examining the Landmark Handbook

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