My First C# Program

I'm proud to present My First C# program!

This WinApp is really cool! Click the button...

.. and the width and height are transposed!

The VS7 environment does have some very good features! but first a whinge!

There's too much feedback dependent on the disc drive actuator noise!

The code I wrote 


I'm using a Advanced Server Windows 2000 installation on a low spec 200MHz machine. Most of the installation was performed remotely using a Terminal Server Client.

Hard Won Experience

Do not run the Visual Studio 7 installation from a networked CD drive! The installer does not de-install, or delete. Even its "add components" is a bit limited. And it's slow! And it won't restart a failed install!

To blow away a screwed up VS7 installation I did this:

Use regedt32 to find

HKLM Key Name: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Integration\

There are 2 child keys. 

Look for the sub key that has:

Name: SuiteLocation
Type: REG_SZ
Data: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio

On My machine it is:

Key Name: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Integration\14B10BA0-2E68-11d3-A829-00C04FB1799F

Delete that key and all its sub keys! (That is from the parent of the node with Data: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.)

VS7 seems happy running remotely under terminal server.


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January 2002, and Nick uses C# to write a real application!