Nick, Nick, Andrew and Bill do Florida - July 2000

Nick's initial Agenda
Nick's first C# program
More C# program (ettes)
Nick's notes about C#
Andrew's comments on the PDC
Microsoft PDC site

Organge County Conference Center The reason - we were attending the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference held in Orlando July 2000. This is Bill Gates' chance to pre-announce the future to 6000 software engineers.
Nerds churning, but not earning. The PDC was held at the Orange County Conference Center. This is a huge extensive purpose built complex that could easily coped with twice the number of nerds.
Spot the nerds Feeding of the 6000?
Bill, I want to have your baby! Bill gets up to talk.
Visit Shamu and get wet Wednesday evening we visit Shamu et al.
A very expensive bottle of water! Nick was delighted to be a Star Club Member. Turn up 4 times to a PDC and then you're in!
I stole a bottle of water from their lounge. I've still got it!
Excellent Show Friday Night is Cirque Du Soleil Night. 

"It's an eye popping wonder from start to finish." (NY Daily News)
"At least you don't get bored!" (Andrew)

Big Ball Thing Saturday is the time for fun. Epcot is Big! (So big that Epcot is in the FrontPage dictionary, but Orlando isn't!)

This is Disney for big kids.
Ball Thing Close Up A close up. The Spaceship Earth "exhibit" held inside the sphere is excellent. Exhibit is a totally weak word to use here.
Elizabethan House A replica England exists. 
Here is a typical scene of a late Tudor / Elizabethan house.
Fish and Chips with Beer available.
Andrew and Nick just love Solar Energy Andrew and Nick admire a resplendent Solar PV array of 8 panels. 

(Note for Bernie:
Each panel is rated for 1000W/hr irradiance at 55W 17.4V at 3.15A
Siemens Solar Industries)
We just couldn't stop him. Sunday - we do the beach. Nick enjoys a McDonald's
Relax Beach dudes
Sand Sharks are nasty SOB's I catch a sand shark. It's a really great place to relax.
I may have to compress this image some more... There are some fat bastards about. See how the beach cleared when this Englishman starts rolling up his trollies and starts paddling. 
(The knotted handkerchief was edited out using Photoshop.) 



There are two separate, distinct "Worlds" at Epcot: Future World and the World Showcase. 
Future World is made up of separate pavilions. 

Spaceship Earth 9/10
The Living Seas 8/10
The Land 8/10
Universe of Energy 5/10
Journey Into Imagination
Wonders of Life
Horizons dismantled
Test Track 2hr queue

The World Showcase is made up of 11 separate "countries" located around a 1.2 mile walkway circling a lagoon.

Mexico beer and tortillas. Do the boat ride.
Norway Pickled fish and trolls
China epic 9 screen cinema
Germany pigs legs
Italy Italian coffee - not as strong as home.
The American Adventure next time
Japan Excellent shop and food
Morocco Excellent food
France next time
England Home from home.
Canada next time