Wednesday 5th April

Freedom for the day.

I leave Jolly Mollie with the animals, and I’m off! Time to interact with some people of my age group! Andrew and Laura are in Suffolk for a few days. I join them. 

They have rented a Landmark Trust property in Peasenhall for a week. (The New Inn - High End) This is a timber frame building, dating from the 1600’s and renovated in the 1970’s. Could do with a comfy sofa, but we do like the exposed beams.

We visit Aldeburgh, and are hauled into “Scandelicious” at number 163, The High Street. Tasty Swedish food! Today's new word is Skagenrora: a starter or filling based on freshly-peeled prawns. They have a magnetic swipe credit card reader - so I successfully catch them out with my "chip enabled" credit card.

Martello Tower, Laura and Andrew We say "Hello" to the Martello Tower, where we stayed in 1996.

We “Do” Framlingham Castle, 13 towers to walk around on the curtain wall. You need a head for heights. (Half day closing in the village!)

Tea and scones in the tea-shop in Peasenhall. Laura and I look for murderers…

“Near Peasenhall's church stands Providence House, overshadowed by a murder mystery. In May of 1902, the servant of the Crisp family, Rose Harsent was strangled. The accused William Gardiner was tried, and the first jury voted 11 to one for guilty. A second trial was set, as a unanimous vote was required, and this jury voted 11 to one for not guilty. The charge was dropped and the accused left the village, although locals still maintain that he had been framed. The real murderer was never found.”

An evening at Laxfield for a splendid steak pudding. The King's Head - old-fashioned inn, open fires and traditional menu.

Verdict on Suffolk: villages just as pleasant as those back home in Northamptonshire. It’s just ours don’t have the silly pink painted houses!

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