Tuesday 2nd October

Say goodbye!


We had a quiet night! Our noisy friends have gone.

Pack and Checkout

A leisurely start - we pack our luggage and store our bags in a games room ready for the evening's departure.

We checkout. 

Splash and Fun

We drive to the nearby water sports park - flumes and pools. The place looks deserted. No - someone's there. They don't do breakfasts - so we head off to St Julian's, near to the Imax, and track down some Cheese cake and Pea cake, and milk shakes...

I buy a laptop "carry on" bag - 3L90 - a bargain. (I show everybody it - it's a real bargain!)

Maky - who likes furry things - pointed out another stuffed sheep that I must have. I now have a flock to bring back on the plane. 

We return to the "Splash and Fun" water park. The circular lagoon pool is ideal for me - almost empty - 10 or so others, salt water - for added buoyancy - several hours of floating around. I swim like a fish (OK a cross between a squid and a beached whale.)

Rick, Maky, Gavin and Jack enjoy the water slides.

Some of the Nutters visit Popeye - I remain happily squidding in the pool.







Maky, Andy and Dave

Bernie wearing Solar Cap


JackWe return to Bugibba - cars are relinquished to Avis - we walk towards the seafront. There's a hardware store - Bernie buys some high colour temperature fluorescents. Me a current clamp - a bargain at 8 Lira 95.

I buy Bernie a solar powered cap.

We enjoy pizzas, beer and omelettes on the front.

One last beer back at the hotel. The coach collects us and other holiday makers at 20:40

The JMC guide - stage name Fluffy - gives the commentary. Usual "Did you have a nice time in Malta?" 
"I said: 'Did you have a nice time in Malta?'"
"Yes" everybody chants.
There were now 10 noisy Nutters now rejoining with everything he said.
"The coach has an emergency exit at the back."
"On our right is the Maltese rubbish incinerator."

Poor Fluffy.


At the airport - a waiting game. Boarding at 22:40. At 22:40 local time we learn that's the boarding time in GMT - so we have another hour to wait. Then another 1/2 hour delay because of some arbitrary reason...

Now if we knew about the delay sooner we would have have had a more leisurely look around the duty free shops - instead of waiting at the exit gate...

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