Monday 1st October

Gozo, Boat and Imax


We drive to the north of the island to the port at Cirkewwa and drive straight on to the ferry. Buy the time we've climbed the decks to the restaurant, the ferry is underway to Gozo. No waiting - very un-Mediterranean!

We drive to Xlendi Bay. A small quay surrounded by steep rocky cliffs

BoatWe have coffee at the Moby Dick. - Gavin checks with the waiter about boats - 10 minutes later a suitable boat appears on a trailer and is driven down the quay. We agree a price and it's ours for the day.

All Maltese boats have the "Eyes of Osiris" painted on the bow, scaring off the evil spirits.

Skipper Bailey and sonJenny has a coastal skipper's licence - and we're off on our own.

We motor to Fungus rock and Dwejra bay. Here we anchor and swim in the clear water.

Fungus RockWe sail, OK motor, further up the coast. Amazing cliffs and eroded arches. We return to Dwejra bay, anchoring closer to Fungus Rock, and resume swimming.

We sail back to Xlendi Bay and return the boat. The owner is interested in my GPS, and wants to trade.

Returning to our restaurant, the Moby Dick, we order an excellent omelette / pizza. Time for tea and stroll in the harbour. This is a quieter, more relaxed place than Bugibba. We could we spend a night here very easily!

Gavin and ToyotaA bit of driving and exploring, then we head for the port. 12 Lira for the ferry, we're heading back to the mainland.

SunsetWe watch the sunset. The red orb should sink on cue at 7:47 UTC according to the GPS. Fortunately the sun gets it right.

My car hacks it back to the hotel, the occupants singing 10cc and SouthPark songs. I'm disappointed that the recent rain has cleaned the roads. Tyre squeal is a lot less apparent.

Imax cinema 

We visit the Imax theatre in St Julian's. We see Into the Deep a film about starfishes and shoals. Really a test piece, and aimed at school kids. Although brilliantly shot, it's not a film I'd recommend. The 3D effect in some shots is really very good.

Next door is a Kentucky Fried Chicken rip-off snack bar "Chick King". They sell very good real chicken snacks.


Somehow we loose the apartment key - an excuse to have some more beer. A new set of keys is provided - cost one Lira. (The locals call the Lira the pound. This could be confusing.)

We're bemused as starwebmalta take some photos of the hotel bar, and our good selves.

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