Sunday 30th September

Storm, cliffs and prickly pears


The weather breaks in the early hours. Lightening, thunder and heavy rain. It even drowns out the street noise.
I had become expert at recognising the sounds from the poorly maintained cars - sloppy cam followers, exhausts, suspension...

At 03:00 rubbish is collected. At 04:00 green bottles are recycled. At 05:00 brown ones... well that how it appears to be.

The Maltese government is intending to encourage a better class of tourist. They don't want their island to be the poor man's Ibiza.

Hmmmm...we're getting to know the "Club Med" ditties too...We must pay a visit to Danny DeVito's cabaret bar some time.

Morning swim

Pool in the rainIt's still raining - that doesn't stop Jack and I having a swim in the hotel pool. 

The sun soon reappears, and the rest of the Nutters join us.

Midday meal

Ruin in hotel gardenWe find the hotel with the megalithic temple, called the New Dolmen Hotel near the sea front at Bugibba. This is the same place with the 24 hour bar we got to know on the first night. 

We order food. There's a one hour wait for some goat's cheese snack! We are in the med! There's no hurry!

Dingli Cliffs

PearWe travel to the south west of the island to see the Dingli Cliffs. These towering cliffs fall 220 metres down to the sea.

I attack a prickly pear growing wild. It attacks me with its very fine hair like prickles. The fruit tastes - well - OK.

Near by are the "Clapham Junction" Cart tracks. I was more impressed by a nearby family run farm irrigating flowers. A depth of lush green we hadn't seen for ages in this arid island.


JackBognorWe go to "Bognor" on the front at Bugibba for our evening's food and beer!

The Jennys, Bernie and Maky try the club and pub scene in St Julian's. (Clubs - a bit sad, no atmosphere, loud music)

The Holiday Makers From Hell

Are they Italian? Glaswegian? From the North East? 8 noisy bastards are lined up on the next balcony until 04:00 - Arrrgghh!! We do not sleep.

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