Saturday 29th September

Blue Lagoon

Hotel Pool 

We spend the morning relaxing at the hotel pool. I experiment with the snorkel mask - damned weird breathing air under water!

Cominotto Blue Lagoon

Jack divingWe drive to Cirkewwa to catch the midday boat to island of Cominotto. This small island has a cliff one side, and the Blue Lagoon on the other.

Jennifer has organised us: we have the material to make lots of sandwiches, and lots of bottled water. 

The larger island of Comino is a 122 metre swim away. Most of the Nutters accomplish this feat.

The small beach has white sand and is saturated with sunbathers. 

I take it easy. Sod swimming. I'm happy to be a food dispatcher - making sandwiches on request. I explore the island with Jack. The eroded cliffs are spectacular.

Jack and Blue Lagoon, Cominotto

Jenny and Bernie play HF radios at 14:00.

SnorkellingJenny, Jennifer, Maky and Gavin snorkel in a deep rocky pool. They swim underwater from one pool to another via rock arches. Gavin finds a deep submerged passageway to swim through.

The boat returns at 16:00 to pick us up. We and all the other beach babes leave - all is deserted. What must the place be like in summer?


Dave Bernie and I decide it's time to fill up with petrol. We search Bugibba - no luck. Beginning to panic, we drive to St Julian's where we eventually find a petrol station. Of course, there's another garage next to it!

Ten Lira fills the cars - the fuel is paid for first by inserting bank notes in to a machine. Different.


A respectable Chinese restaurant is found in Bugibba's tourist street. We retire early at 21:30, only to continue talking on the balconies till midnight. The weather is very warm and humid.

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