Friday 28th September

Golden Bay and Mdina

Golden Bay

Golden BayWe find a bay with sand, not rock! There's a sandy beach, with people reading Die Welt. We create out own territory with loungers and brollies. 

The water is really clear. There's lots of fishes to be seen when snorkelling. The beach shelves gently - making for safe swimming.

Rick and Gavin jet ski.  Rick  returns shaking. "They're fast. 50 mph."

Andy looses himself in an internet cafe.

Land Rover fanatics

Dave has arranged a meeting with a couple of fellow Land Rover fanatics. We will meet them at Mdina, where there's an open air bar.

Leo and David arrive. They're easily spotted in their light coloured Landies. Beers are bought and we pass a couple of pleasant hours talking about things technical. 

Both Leo and David work in IT. David works at GFI. He and I chat about Microsoft Windows, and new developments. This is much to the disgust of the others who are Linux lovers. David and I know where the money is when it comes to serious computing.

We say our goodbyes - and enter the Silent City.


MdinaIn the dungeon is Mr Happy  Mdina is the old capital, set on top of a rocky crag. It's an old fortress, a walled city. The place feels like a museum - not really lived in.

Yet more old buildings prompted Jack to comment "this sucks". He liked the dungeons, however. 

Back to Bugibba for our evening's refreshment. Gavin navigates well - we don't mind getting lost. We enjoy the sights.

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