Sun, swimming and squealing tyres

Malta has lots of sun and good food. There's a strong British influence, mixed with Arabic. A friendly country.

After reading though this diary, I see we didn't do anything really extreme. Just a relaxing holiday with some friends.

Several months on, a friend comments: "So Malta's a bit of a dive then? Your web pages make the place appear real crap!"

"No, It was a really good holiday!" I retort.

On re-reading these pages I see there is the odd, rare disparaging comment. May be I am too critical. I certainly don't want to sound like some travel brochure. 

We had a really good holiday! Really!


Nick's ratings:

  1. The boat on Gozo.
  2. The "Splash and Fun" water park pool on the last day.
  3. Golden Bay.

Gavin's photo collection

Jennifer's Journal

More Malta photos

Web Design

One of our many drunken arguments centred on Web Design, or more specifically, HTML creation. Some Nutters happily use a text editor, others put up with FrontPage. The important issue being that the web page should be viewable by all browsers, the bane in any web developer's life.

I, the professional Windows Developer kept quiet. I love Bill Gates: he would never let me down. "I don't do errors."

Upon my return home, having put together these "Malta Nutters" pages, I idly ran them through the HTML validator. Errors streamed out!

My arrogance and smugness is now acknowledged. 

The various ASP scripts are now fixed. I can now show you "that [I] have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page, [I] may display Valid HTML 4.01!on any page that validates".

The style sheet is also fixed. Valid CSS!

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