Thursday 1st June

A quiet lazy day

Too wet to be adventurous. The pub provides all.

Jack and I criticise each other's cooking skills. His scrambled eggs would be better without the shells, my porridge without being flooded in cold milk.

Extreme ProgrammingAndrew and I read and discuss the book
Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change

Yet another answer to the nightmare of software development and delivery.

Tobias and I teach Jack the rules of Rummy - Jack will be a mean player when he's older. (Not just playing Rummy!) 

Tobias attempts to practice "WWF" wrestling moves on me. I use the word "attempts".

The Pub - the Marisco Tavern

The Beer is actually brewed off the island, even though it boasts the Lundy name.

Some personal scoring on the beer

  • Experience 7/10
  • Smooth 4/10
  • Old Light 8/10- my favourite.

The food is OK - but they really need a gourmet chef. We think Landmark punters could easily afford it.

A comfortable pub to relax in. Cliff, the landlord, does a good job. 

Next time we'll get some official looking "reserved" labels printed: our favourite table was sometimes occupied by others! {Balcony, near window.}


We all play the card game "Scruples" till late into the night. Bernie is perturbed at the ease we all lie and deceive each other.

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