Wednesday 31st May


Eyam with TobiasWe caution Jack about "Mixy" bunnies. Apparently there is myxomatosis on the island. We don't want him nursing sick bunnies. 
Our teaching has some effect. He make friends with a pet lamb. He names it "Eyam" after the plague village in Derbyshire.
Piggy 1 and Piggy 2On the way to the pub, there's a field with a couple of inquisitive Vietnamese Potbellied pigs. They totally ignore my offer of cabbage and other kitchen scraps. See if I care! 

Old Lighthouse

The Old LightNina, Jenny, Jennefer, Bernie and Tobias at the top. Jack and I walk up the west side of the island. Entry to the top of the tower is by an internal cavernous spiral staircase. Jack has no problem with heights. He stares down through a hole in the floor! That really scares me! I explain my unease with heights, and wimp out after climbing to the first floor. 
Jack thinks I'm being stupid - but understands. His only concern is being left alone at the top, the door locked with him trapped inside.
This gives me the creeps. This is the view from the hole in the first floor.Laura walking uo.View to the southLaura and Andrew climb the staircase with no qualms. He says the scariest bit is the steep bit before the first floor: I passed that bit - I should have carried on!

The Old Light was made redundant soon after completion: its light was too high and was often in cloud. New lights were built at either end of the island, lower down.

The Old Battery

The Old Battery is a roofless ruin. 2 rusting cannons remain. They used to be fired every 5 minutes in fog. I'm amazed what the 11 year old can spot - egg cases, shells, incredibly small flowering plants on bare rock. He gets really keen to get to nesting gulls on the cliffs! I have to say "No!"

Jack loosing with his GameBoyJack and I return, and rain sets in. That's the end of our good weather for the holiday. 
Thank God for Game Boys!


While Jack and I were meandering around the lighthouse and battery, a there was a more gripping drama happening at the North of the Island.

Nina, Jennifer, Jenny, and Tobias had trekked to the the North Lighthouse, where the rest of us had been yesterday. Nina, Jenny, and Tobias were keen to swim : they had their togs and towels. Bernie, being a keen runner, kitted himself out in shorts and joined them a short time later.

The seawater was cold.

Tobias tested the water and said "No way!" and stayed out. 

Jenny half entered carefully, though cautiously. She retreated "So cold."

Nina dived in, and was playing and swimming with the seals. 

Bernie, not into swimming, was looking on, basking in the sun. He was lying on a large flat rock near the lighthouse jetty. Jenny was hovering nearby - should she dive in too?

A large wave surged over the rock, and that was it: Bernie had been swept off. He was out of his depth, struggling to get back on the rock

Without hesitation, Jenny dived to Bernie's rescue. Seconds later he had been propelled back on the rock.

No real damage. Both Bernie and Jenny grazed their knees. "Those bloody rocks are bloody sharp, covered in bloody barnacles!"

What a little heroine Jenny is!

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