Nick and friends do Lundy

7 adults and 2 children on an island on a week's holiday May / June 2000. 

It's a challenge to call this a travelogue. As soon as you get to the island, what's there to see? A handful of renovated cottages, a church, and a pub, sheep, goats, deer, rabbits, chickens, pigs, cats, seagulls, seals, ponies, caves, cliffs, ruins,...  

For the boys, Jack 11, Tobias 13, this was going to be traumatic: No computer games, no television.  Would they be climbing out of their skulls by day three?

For Andrew and I - there's no Chinese or Indian restaurants - would we survive?

The Players

Andrew Your co-webmaster and partner to luscious Laura

Jenny, and her children, Jack and Tobias.

Nina (Naughty Nympho Nina, Queen of Sex) mother to Jack and Tobias

Jennifer the wicked evil step mother, and partner to Jenny

Bernie a friend to all

Nick your co-webmaster and author

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