5th July

Wolfeton House

After a relaxing morning we toured the “house” as arranged. It still needs a lot of repair work, as the housekeeper says “It’s been let to go to rack and ruin” but the present owners are gradually sorting it out and the plasterwork on the ceilings and the incredibly ornate oak panelling, beams and fire and door surrounds are well worth seeing. It is a majestic old house, and will be quite wonderful again in time! There is an old cider house in the grounds dating back at least 150 years and still in use, unfortunately (or maybe not!!) there is none for sale just now as it is the wrong time of year. We finished our tour with the chapel, which has unusually carved ancient signs of the zodiac to decorate it.

Unicorn on the ceilingWolfeton HouseKing George III and Queen Charlotte looking on


Live crabs meeting their fate at WeymouthSea gull victimising stall vendor. We then drove to Weymouth for lunch at Bennett’s fish and chip shop, one of the best ten in Britain according to something or other that Andrew has read – certainly very good! 

We wandered around the old harbour area, around the shops and, of course, the seafront. 

The harbour was lively and busy: lots of restaurants, full pubs and boats being unloaded with crabs. The seafront was quiet: the weather was overcast, and not really inviting.


The sun has disappeared since the storm, and we were left with a very drizzly sort of day. (Apparently there was another less spectacular one last night, but I slept through it.)

Mock Turtle 

We retired defeated by the weather to Wolfeton, but ventured out again at 8ish to find dinner. The Mock Turtle (again on recommendation from previous Landmarkers) proved a worthwhile choice. Lovely dinner, wine and champagne and delicious puddings. We have retired to quietly enjoy our last evening here. 


We head for home again in the morning.

So it is an end to another intrepid explorers (plus friends) holiday. Why do they pass so quickly?

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