4th July

The potholed driveway runs through a field of sheep. There's a Mexican Standoff when any cars drive though. Who will give way? My approach is to nudge them with the car bumper.We are all a bit tired today: we had the loudest and most terrific thunderstorm we’ve ever known, amazing sheet and forked lightning and rumbles that shook the house and turned the electricity off. It started at 1am and continued till after 9am, going further away and returning to over our heads again. This morning there are rust droppings from the windows on all the ledges! We sat around till 10am then decided it was time to whinge, as we needed coffee or tea and hot water etc. John (the house factotum) came to our rescue and reset the trip switches. 


Peter under attackStrataWe then fortified ourselves with mushroom omelette and bacon and then drove off to explore Lulworth, which has a castle, a beach, a cove and a deserted village! The castle was rigged up for tourists and the deserted village was being used for army manoeuvres with ”no access“ and ”beware of gunfire” notices everywhere, so we settled for the cove and beach where we bumped into Jackie Weeks and family who also live in Yardley Gobion!!! This is also a very pretty area with no tourists and some lovely rock formations with natural “doors” leading out to sea. 

Dungy Head and Durdle Door

MistCarole Peter and Nick attempt to see Durdle Door, an eroded cliff arch a mile or so east of Lulworth. We climbed a well made path over a headland, Dungy Head, but we were soon enveloped in a mist. 

A hoard of kids from a school trip said that there was nothing to see, and that the sweet shop was "back that way." So we aborted, and rejoined Andrew and Laura in Lulworth Cove for a cuppa and a generic sticky bun. (By which time the mist had cleared.....)

Steak and Guinness Pie

Cornelius makes an appearance in the stairwell!We meandered awhile there, then adjourned to good old Tesco’s for some ingredients so that I could prepare Steak and Guinness pie with green pie and mash for tonight’s supper. Which was very nice too, thankyou!

We are now all sitting around having had an evening stroll, still too full and drinking plum brandy procured at a little wine shop in Lulworth. Tomorrow we'll explore the delights of Weymouth!

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