Schools and Churches

The Schools and Churches within the Kinneigh Union of Parishes

The round tower at Kinneigh The ancient Round Tower at Kinneigh. 

St Bartholomew's Church, Kinneigh, is on the site of an ancient medieval monastery with a history on the site that stretches back to early Celtic times. Now its Round Tower is the only visible remains. The tower is the only one in Ireland to stand on a hexagonal base. This tower dates from around 1000 AD and it is thought that it provided shelter for monks as well as their writings from ongoing waves of ravaging raiders from abroad. Inside are six chambers.

Kinneigh church Kinneigh church
Kinneigh church and tower Kinneigh church and tower
Ballineen School Ballimoney School
Ballineen church Ballimoney  Church. Not used
Ruin near Ballineen  A old ruin of a church at Ballimoney, next to Ballimoney Church above.
Ruin near Ballineen  Ruin -  Ballimoney
Kilmeen  Christchurch Kilmeen
Murragh  St Patrick, Murragh
Brandon River  Site of old church at Murragh
Dessertserges School   Desertserges School
Dessertserges Church  St. Mary, Desertserges Church, Knockmacool, south east of Enniskean.

The name Desertserges, means the place of the hermit - as in a desert, a waste place reserved for prayer and contemplation. 

Dessertserges Graves   Desertserges Graveyard

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