Sunday, September 15, 2002

ISDN modem

I install an ISDN modem in Judith's computer. It's a Trust ISDN PCI Internal, Model 11537. This new type of modem will work twice as fast as her previous dial up modem she used at Gloucester.

The diagnostics work, now we need an Internet Service Provider to connect to the internet. This will be a task for tomorrow.

Coast trip

We drive down to the coast via Clonakilty. This will be a nearby shopping town for Judith. A vet's is spotted for Judith's remaining cat.

CoastCoast Along the coast eastward is Simon's cove. Rock pavement. Derelict house/ restaurant. We see in the distance the Seven Heads cliffs and headland.

We pass the ruinous Franciscan abbey at Timoleague. The Pink Elephant restaurant is nearby. We stop there for lunch. Leek soup and salmon - very good!


KinsaleKinsaleKinsale is tourist ville. However it is very pretty and Judith likes the shops!

Good shops! Several sheep mugs were collected.

The restaurants look good. 

Kinsale is a gourmet centre. We settle for a couple of humble hot chocolates at the Hole in the Wall pub.

Judith, et al, on boatWe take a harbour cruise, a 50 minute trip round the bay. Very good introduction to the place. We see James Fort and opposite Charles Fort near Summercove.

Off the Old Head of Kinsale, the Germans killed 1198 people by torpedoing the Lusitania. A catalyst for America's involvement in WW1.


Back at the Rectory we put up some curtains and a lamp in the kitchen. Judith resumes unpacking boxes.

Maud takes tea with us in the garden. We think she is totally happy that she's the only cat. She enjoys some vigorous ninja stroking. The horses look on. Maud and the foal have made friends

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