Saturday, September 14, 2002


We travel to Ireland's second major city, Cork. Maps and an ISDN modem are purchased. Lots of shops! Large usual shops as found in the UK: Virgin, HMV, Waterstone's, M&S and well as lots of small competing local shops. 

The English Market is recommended. It's a fish and meat market with restaurants.

In St Fin Barre's Cathedral there are kneelers with "Kneel and Pray" embroidered. The one in the Bishop's pew had been replaced by "Stand and Think".

Lots of Judith type shops:

  • weird furniture
  • herbal
  • arty
  • aromatic

Cat Search

We decide to search for the missing cat. An hour's rummaging through the shrubbery and walking around the neighbouring field - no result. We assume Sebastian wants his freedom. Judith is strangely optimistic about his return. Maud enjoys the extra fuss.

Part of my cat searching takes me to the village football ground. The local lads are playing football. I hear a song based on "Brown girl in the Rain". I won't print the adapted words here - nor a hyperlink to them - I don't want to traumatise the surfer's fragile mind.  Nice to know that Irish lads are quite broadminded.


Kinneigh TowerI navigate Judith to the round tower at Kinneigh. The local roads are a maze, quite difficult to follow from the map.

We decide that we need to set aside a day to visit all of Judith's churches

I can navigate and pilot the labyrinth, while she drives.

The pub near Ballineen was not doing food this evening.
"We have had bikers in all day and the staff have been let off." says the landlady. 
"Try Bandon"


The Indian in Bandon is distinctly average. South Indian Thali turns out to be a couple of breakfast bowls of curried vegetables. The waiter is friendly enough - smiling when he cannot understand us. He smiles all the time.

When leaving we see the smiling Indian is being physically accosted by a woman on the door step.
"What's going on?" I ask.
"I'm a healer - he hurt his back lifting a sack of rice. Watch!"
She massaged his lower back, flicking her hands as she cast out the pain, invoking the name of Jesus and Mary.

Judith was most interested.

Dessy's Bar

I try Dessy's Bar in Ballineen. The large lounge is empty. The bar full of middle aged drinkers watching greyhounds racing in Lycra on the TV. Only slightly surreal. Guinness is fine!

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