The Irish. What a friendly bunch!


For the passionate lovers of the cats amongst you: some will think we didn't do too much about Sebastian when he disappeared.

Judith did call him a lot, especially at night. A notice went out and neighbours alerted etc. In fact the local Garda are now on the look out as well as the Dog Warden. 

Soon he will be a national/international concern.

But lovely weather and lots of mice.....what more could a country cat cooped up in a city for five years want? 

Maud's killing an enormous mouse as I write this! She is so pleased with herself.

Update - February 2003

Judith emails me:

1st Feb

Guess who I found on my walk this morning? I hear this cat meowing loudly calling at me, but didn't think it was Sebastian. I tied up the dog and approached the bushes where the crying was coming from (a place the dog and I walk past most mornings, towards the BEDA Hall.)

I then saw a thin tabby looking cat with no markings on the sides. 'Just like Sebby' I thought. Then as he came up to me obviously recognising me and happy to see me, purring, I could see it was him, but only half the weight he was. He is terribly thin but well and surprisingly confident -  probably driven by hunger. Loads of scratches on his nose but otherwise OK. He is wandering around the house exploring everything and being highly vocal.

Maud hates having him back and swears at him if he comes anywhere near her. She has enjoyed being the only cat and so she is disgusted at his return!

Sebastian is not impressed by finding a dog present - but at least he didn't run away from Mogue - but then Mogue is under strict command not to make a lunge.

Very strange!  Where has he been all this time?

8th Feb

He is now putting on a bit of weight. The first few days he would wolf down anything - even the dog's dinner had he had the chance. I have never seen such a ravenous cat. (No sign of worms or other illness at all.) He then began to have some very loose stools - bit like humans who over-eat at Christmas. I am now regulating his diet and he has enjoyed a couple of lightly boiled eggs which seem to be working and doing the trick.

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