Monday, September 23, 2002


We decide to take some photos of the Rectory for posterity. We have not been idle!

I say my farewells to Judith. She now has parish to look after. I'll be back. Soon!


CrosshavenCrosshaven is near the ferry port at Ringaskiddy, Cork. This is an ideal place to abide one's time waiting for the ferry back home. 

The village has all you need to prepare for the ferry journey. 

  • There's a general store to buy bottled water and chocolate biscuits. The nice butcher there makes a Irish breakfast bread sandwich. (I don't have to buy anything on the ferry!)
  • The chemist sells pills to prevent seasickness. 
  • The pub sells Guinness. 
  • There's a walk with views of Cobh and Cork Harbour.


The ferry left at 21:00pm. 

In the restaurant I chose authentic food: Greek Salad. Very good. Made for Greeks by Greeks.

The reason for the intermittent ringing of the bell in the bar is determined: tip the barman and he rings the bell. Seems to me like a very good reason for not tipping the man.

The journey is smooth and uneventful, docking at 07:00 the next day.

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