Sunday, September 22, 2002

Judith's First Sunday

10:00 Eucharist Kilmeen.
55 communicants (with 7 from Gloucester)

She and Reader David did rally driving between the two services. Judith at the wheel.

11:30 Eucharist Farrenthomas.
48 communicants and 9 children.

Judith's first Sermon.

A bright sunny morning - the English contingent no longer believe it rains in Ireland!


TurbinesWhilst Judith is being good and holy I'm looking at wind turbines. I take a trip to Milane Hill wind farm, near Dunmanway.


Judith and I have Sunday dinner at the Celtic Ross Hotel at Rosscarbery. We say goodbye to Judith's English friends.


NagWe drive to the remote village of Castletownshead on the coast. A little bit of England. The house styles aren't so Irish. The last time Judith was here was on holiday 23 years ago.

Toe End

CliffsCliffsA remote cliff lined headland. Sunny - the weather is such that a clear patch of blue sky stays over head, whilst inland it is 9/10 cloud. I take a walk while Judith snoozes in the sun. I guess it's been a busy few days for her.

Union Hall

Casey'sWe walk around the harbour and causeway. The tide is rushing in. We guess it may be a spring tide as there was a full moon last night and we're near the equinox. Casey's Bar serves us Guinness, Prawns, battered cod. Very good!

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