Friday, September 20, 2002


Pictures go up in the downstairs rooms and hall. The Rectory now looks lived in. Boxes are becoming more rare.


We take a break from putting up pictures and explore the nearby town of Dunmanway for lunch. The restaurant on the north side of the market square is to be recommended. Proper Irish food is served. This is not a plastic tacky modern place.

Judith's Institution and bash. 

Judith's institution as Rector of the Kinneigh Union of Parishes by Paul, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Judith's friends join us for this evening's tricks. A group from Gloucester and other friends join us for the occasion. 14 bodies in all plus Maud. Seems to be an excuse for them to have a holiday in Ireland as well.

The friends arrive at 16:00 at the Rectory for a pre-service buffet and a good look around the house. All are amazed to see how much we have both achieved!

The Institution

Judith's Institution was held at Kinneigh church. This small isolated church was full. I'd estimate over 200 congregation, 20 clergy (multi-denominational), one bishop, one bat. 

The Institution was within the context of the Eucharist for the eve of St Matthew, presided by Bishop Paul Colton. Nick Bury, Dean of Gloucester gave an excellent and witty sermon.

Juith and Bishop PaulBatThe Bishop did a lot of beaming, whilst a bat, trapped in the church, flew around throughout the service. This provided a welcome distraction during the more boring bits.

The Bash

BashBashThe post Institution bash was held at the Ballineen and Enniskean Development Association community centre (the B.E.D.A. Hall, also known as the 'bidet hall' which reminded Judith of the bidet or B'day group of friends at Gloucester Cathedral.) The centre is very convenient for the Rectory - only 100 metres or so away.
Table laden with foodDavid the ReaderA lot of effort was put in by the good people in preparing food. Lots of sandwiches. Lots of cake. An excess of scones.



David the Reader

The room is full. We listen to speeches from:
  • The Bishop
  • The BEDA president
  • The Roman Catholic Priest
  • The Headmaster
  • The Methodist Minister
  • Finally, Judith

More sandwiches for me.

The Irish do have a good sense of occasion. If there's something going on - do it well.



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