Thursday, September 19, 2002


A sunny day.  We concentrate on getting the house organised: there will be several guests turning up tomorrow.

The morning sees more shelves being put up. Boxes continue to be unpacked. We have quite a stack of collapsed boxes in the garage to be taken back to England - but the rest of the rubbish accumulated is burnt on a rather rapid bonfire in the garden.


I attempt to wire Judith's old BT phone/ fax / answering machine to the Irish Phone system. The connectors are RJ45 4 way, 2 wire circuits. The UK bell circuit "third wire" is obsolete in Ireland. There is no "master socket" installed in the house. I could dig out a .1F 400V capacitor I suppose. (Forgot to bring one with me!)

I guess Judith needs to buy a new phone!

Water FeatureBandon

Lunch at Bandon. Shepard's pie, with potato, with more if we want it.

This is a working town, out of the tourist trap of the coast. A pleasant enough place.

The Chapel Steps Restaurant has been recommended to us. This has yet to be tried.

The afternoon sees the back sitting room with two new curtain rails and curtains. This room is now habitable.

Judith organises her library in the study. She thinks she ought to prepare a sermon for her first service on Sunday. Ireland is too relaxing to rush into things.


RabbitWe spend a couple of pleasant hours over dinner with David, a good soul from the parish where he is the local Reader. He likes the rabbit welcoming him at the Rectory front door. 

We decide to name the rabbit Bartholomew Bunny. This is the present dedication at the church at Kinneigh. It used to have a Celtic saint's name but in the 1800 a rabid evangelical changed it to Bartholomew. Judith would love to find out the original dedication and restore it. However Bartholomew - the 'Unknown Saint' may have some relevance.

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