Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Pictures go up in the front sitting room. Another room is now sorted. More boxes emptied.


I need concrete for the wretched "whirly gig". Try getting bagged pre-mixed concrete in Ireland.

"Two 25kg bags please of your finest ready mix please."

I'm given a funny look and a 50kg bag of sand and a bag of cement.


Sam MaguirePaddy, in charge of the neighbouring town of Dunmanway, visits. He is sort of Rural Dean. He gives Judith more low down. 

People don't die here - they are buried. Be gentle, never abrupt.

He gives a potted history of  local famous people Sam Maguire and Michael Collins

A new statue to Sam Maguire was unveiled a couple of days ago in Dunmanway.

Tour of Judith's Churches and Schools

We tour Judith's new patch. I navigate, Judith drives.

We visit:

  • The school at Ballimoney
  • The ruin near Ballimoney
  • The retired church at Ballimoney. This is to be sold as a private residence.
  • The church at Kilmeen
  • The site of the old church at Murragh, only the graveyard exists. (Still maintained and recently mown)
  • The reopened church at Murragh (Farrenthomas) at Newcestown.
  • The church and round tower at Kinneigh.
  • The church and school at Desertserges. This takes some finding as "Desertserges" is not on the map. Look for Knockmacool, south east of Enniskean.

[A year on an Judith has a web site organised for the Kinneigh Union of Parishes.]


We enjoy lobster with creamy sauce and apple pie with cream at Sugan's pub in the local town on the coast. No more cream for Nick - the bulk is getting excessive!

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