Monday, September 16, 2002

Internet Service Provider

I organise the ISP. All we need to get Judith's computer to connect to the internet is 3 items of information:

  • The number to dial
  • An account name
  • An account password.

These are obtained. We elect to use the cheapy Eircom ISDN subscription, free access is not provided for ISDN customers!

"It should work in about a half to one hour's time," the Eircom sales person said optimistically.

It actually took an hour and a half and a phone call to ask what was happening!

Judith reminded me we were in Ireland. "Time runs slow! Don't try to think that you're in England."

Now we have a 64k connection!

I test it with a site in the States - 59.1 kbps. Not bad.

The House

We organise furniture in the study and sitting room. I repair a bookcase - going over the top with wood planes and lots of glue. Judith continues with her boxes.

Judith now has a "Whirly Gig" clothes drier. 'Guess who' says he will concrete in the post hole! Well she is cooking dinner.


Shopping at the local town of Clonakilty is easy. There's a supermarket on the N71 bypass.

Maud only uses the finest stench aborbing kitty litterKitty litter seems to be a bit of a rarity here.
"Don't Irish cat pooh?" I ask an innocent local stocking up a shelf.
"Where's the kitty litter?" I enquire. (Maud only uses kitty litter. Digging in bare earth is fine and a thing she really enjoys but as the garden is all grass there is nowhere for her right now.)
"We don't have any. May be tomorrow."
"OK." I pick up a roll of Sellotape and say to Judith, "We'll need a cork too."
A couple of minutes later the innocent local finds us and hands us a pack of Thomas Cat Litter.


MaudMaud has caught 2 mice today. This is the first time for 5 years that she has caught a mouse.

The first was caught and dispatched, and left as a gift for Judith.

The second was caught, tortured, and parts eaten. We suspect that there are remains somewhere upstairs in the Rectory.

Judith heard a rabbit being horribly murdered last night. Is this Sebastian making his first big kill in the wild?


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