Monday 19th March 2001

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Aurora Hunt

This was a success. A faint green glow was visible as we left the capital, becoming very clear and obvious as we got further out. 

The show was excellent. Well for the first time viewer I was impressed.

IT WAS COLD! -6C. Half an hour playing with camera and tripod was enough! We head back, returning to the hotel at 1:30am

Aurora ISO 1600 20s f2.8.Aurora ISO 1600 20s f2.8.The glare is from the Reykjavik street lighting. 

There is no image tweaking going on. Scan, crop, export as jpeg. The red curtains captured on the photos were not visible by eye.

Experience! Next time have: a torch; lightweight gloves; preset the lens to infinity and tape it up; and a flask of hot coffee.

Aurora ISO 800 15s f2.8.The horizontal banding is caused by dirty rollers in the developer. Must get the films developed professionally! (Not the local Boots with the latest digital developer!)

<Note added 2006 - I think this screw up by the film processor was the final push I needed to go digital. I like the convenience of digital, but miss the Velvia!>

Fly Back

Yet another short night! We rise at 5:15am. Rick said he had only slept 11 hours in the last 3 days!

Jenny departs for Copenhagen on a flight that leaves an hour before ours.

Stained glass at Keflavik airportStained glass at Keflavik airportThere's some impressive stained glass at the Airport.


A Lamp for BernieBernie's delighted to see efficient lamps used in the building.


We arrive at Heathrow, and travel together to Kings Cross. A final farewell meal at Mama Cassas opposite the main line station. Good Italian food, thanks Andy for treating us!

Jack was shocked when I explained that Rick had lost his virginity during our holiday. His jaw dropped at such openness regarding private sexual matters. He look at me accusingly, and then at Rick.

Later, we explained that this was the first time he'd driven on the right, nothing more. Jack was relieved, and only slightly mentally tortured.

A hug with Jennifer, and lots of formal handshaking, I say farewell. They head to Cambridge, and I to Milton Keynes.

I get greeted at home by Luscious Laura and "Big Gay Barry". But that's another story.


Sightseeing Iceland in one packed weekend was a bit aggressive! We didn't have time to unwind. We could easily stayed longer - the amount effort that Bernie and I put arranging the tour would have been the same.

Our break was enjoyable - where next?

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