Easter time in Graz

CeilingLanded at GrazThe European Navigation Conference is being held this week at Graz. That's the excuse for our visit.

We fly from Stansted Airport to Graz, Austria. It's a two hour flight with Ryanair.

Graz is also enjoying the status of "Culture Capital of Europe 2003."


The Boy, Jennifer, Jenny  
Our Party:
  • Jack
  • Jennifer
  • Jenny
  • Nick, your scribe.


chickBunnyBunnyEggs in a wreathWe fly out on the 20th April 2003, Easter Sunday.

Austrian Easter is a time for decoration, more so than England.


Local AreaLocal Church TowerWe stay at the Hotel Sud to the south of the city.

There's a good bus service. The number 32 gets us to the Zentrum without too much hanging around.
springen verbotenA sign at the Hotel's Pool reads springen verboten. This does not stop Jack.
pink PM5544Art in Graz even includes part of a PM5544 test card!
ArmourStore, one of five floorsArmourWe visit the city's armoury: it's big!

The hillside cemetery at night.
Candles are set on each grave. The candles are lit, lasting a week.
 They form a strange glow.



We visit Conrad's store. It's like a Maplin's but 100 times better! If you're into electronics, you name it, it's got it. (OK I exaggerate!)

I get dragged out after 2 hours.