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13 friends take a week's holiday at Fort Clonque on Alderney.


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Monday 15th to Friday 19th May 2006

In Brief...

A full story will be recounted, but for now, a brief summary:

Some of our party left for Alderney on the previous Sunday. On our journey down we (Laura, Andrew and Nick) stopped off at the Hospital of St. Cross, Winchester.

Flight from Southampton to the Island was by a Aurigny 18-seat triple-engined aircraft.

After Sunday night at the pleasant Maison Bourgage we met up with the rest of the party.

For the rest of the week we stayed over at Fort Clonque. The fort was build in the 1840's, with a German casemate added a 100 years later when Germany occupied Alderney during the Second World War.

Some notes...

No plasticy theme parks anywhere!

Open Wi-Fi at hotel and airport.

Lots of fortifications on the island.

Alderney is not that big. Some of our party walked the length and back in a day.

The Fort Clonque kitchen has a big cooker. It needs it.

The causeway and high tides are interesting. It's 5.7 metres above sea level, some high tides you get cut off. This is an issue if you want to get more beer and wine!

Pubs and hotels are a bit keen in observing their 12:00 to 14:00 opening hours.

We enjoyed food at Belle Vue, The Georgian House, and Bumps.

Here's the German text that stumped Bernie and Nick: "Ich lebe und ihr sollt auch leben" (John 14:19)


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How much did our holiday cost?

Flights 1,539.20
Landmark 1,080.00
Food 1,062.46
Car Hire 31.00
Taxi 23.00
Total 3,735.66

That's 287.36 each. Not too horrendous.


Texts relating to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands

Alderney Government