Wednesday, June 30, 2004

ShotleyBooking a ferry and cabin was a good idea - you can actually sleep. Our 6 berth cabin is full - but totally adequate. (The en-suite is a plus.)

It's a pleasure to see Sizewell's dome glowing on the distance. The Martello Tower at Aldeburgh can be just picked out.
Passing boat under sailFelixstoweHello Felixstowe Docks!  On the opposite shore is Shotley Marina, where part of Jenny's fleet is moored. A welcome familiar sight. We're home!

The boat docks and we're soon at customs. The officials wave us through quickly and we're booking train tickets to Cambridge by 11:30.

The UK integrated transport system!  The 12:20 train to Cambridge via Manningtree, Ipswich, Norwich, Ely, Cambridge. Ridiculous. (There is a tube strike - so we decide to avoid London, a potentially faster route.)

We decide to take a later train from Ipswich, direct to Cambridge.

Yesterday we were in Copenhagen on platform 6 - over 200 people waiting to get on. And they did. Reserved tickets meant they each had a seat. Their system seems to work well. Here at Harwich there's Matthew, a lad with a bike, and I (3 passengers).

"..and the width of the carriages is narrower!" I continue to whinge. (The track gauge here is the same as on the continent, I am informed.)

"Why is the London bound train a diesel? Have the overhead wires failed in London?" (Whinge whinge!)

We have a couple of hours to kill in Ipswich. We spend them pleasantly at the Station Hotel, enjoying proper fish and chips, and proper beer (Wherry).

And we're soon rattling our way home in a cramped narrow carriage to Cambridge.

But it's great to be back home!

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