Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Copenhagen in the rainBusy platformWe slept the night through - woke as humans.

It's raining in Copenhagen.

Book train and ferry. Train to Esbjerg, then ferry to Harwich, using DFDS Seaways.

There's time to do an hour's walkabout before we checkout from the hotel.

Post with high tides markedEsbjerg
It's still raining in Copenhagen as we leave at 12:30.

At 15:22 we reach the port, Esbjerg. It's bright and sunny.


StatueEsbjergAlthough we have 3 hours to kill we don't have the inclination to walk back to the rather pretty town centre. We've had enough rather pretty town centres for the time being.

We find a bench near the terminal, and relax in the sun, until we're called to board the boat. It sails at 19:00.

We're due in Harwich at 11:00 next morning.
Container FerryOn board there's a fine buffet and beer. And this time we have a cabin! We are sharing with a few backpacker types who retire early and are inoffensive.

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