Sunday, June 27, 2004

Warehouse demolitionTowers and city wallRain! Lots of it!

Common sense dictates that we should stay inside. There's Harry Potter showing at 11:30. The local multiplex has a sophisticated ticket purchasing system that displays the seating plan.

Decent roomy seats.

Good film too - subtitles in Estonian and Russian.

We return to reality and to the Old Town.

The nut stall is preparing chocolate covered nuts today.

A restaurant serves us mega mushroom soup and meat platter.


PeppersackEstonian FlagWe collect our bags from the hotel, go to the old city harbour, and check in at 16:00 for the 17:00 Stockholm sailing.

Goodbye Tallinn. Farewell Estonia.

Estonia sounds like a fictitious country out of an old Ealing film comedy. A decent place worthy of a return visit.

Goodbye!Matthew Admiring the sunset. (He's smoking too!)Flying may be fast - but ferries are a lot more laid back - bars and a chance to meet other folk. And the Regina Baltica's on-board restaurants offer good food - and beer!
I'm sure there must be a name for the structureSailing in the midnight twilightI play with the my GPS. The boat's navigation system is pretty damn accurate. For part of the sailing we're on a course due west for around 10 minutes. No deviation at all. The course is due West, with no latitude change. (Other than when I stomp from starboard rail to port rail and back.)

The things some people get up to!

Matthew rescues me and we have another pint.

Twilight remains with us throughout the night.

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