Saturday, June 26, 2004

We reach Tallinn after a long bus drive. We covered 300km.

Tallinn, Estonia

Our coach at the border (The Russians let us off of a piss!)Alexander Nevski Cathedral 18th CThe city of Tallinn is the capital and principal seaport of Estonia.

We find a comfortable hotel near docks and old town.

Matthew books the ferry for tomorrow to Stockholm at 16:00. We can't get a cabin, but a few steerage class tickets are available.

We head off to explore the city. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral in the Castle area is still busy, with a congregation mainly of elderly women praying along to a pre-recorded tape, while around them mill the tourist hordes gawping at the iconostasis.

Nut StallCliff topWe choose a restaurant in the central square serving Russian appetisers: fat, meat, pickled herring.

There's some friendly students running a nut stall - tasty - roasted with cinnamon. (The nuts that is, not the students.)

Sun settingSunset... St. Olaf's Church 13th CThere's the feeling that with left East Europe behind. We're in a Nordic country - the multiplex cinema and shopping Mall are modern and to a very high standard.
TwilightTowersThe Blackberry's GPRS is live - I can email!

We climb to the castle and watch an hour long sunset. (Matthew and I placing bets on the point of intersection and the time of the setting sun.)

The sunset was at 23:44.

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