Friday, June 25, 2004

We're up early ready to catch the 7:00 bus to Rīga, Latvia. (The railway tracks in the Baltic states are, well, not too good at the moment. There's no train service northwards, so we take the bus. The roads are fine.)

There's a stop while passports are inspected. By 11:30 we've arrived in Rīga. We've crossed from Lithuania to Latvia through countryside that's green and open, although sparsely populated.

Rīga, Latvia

TracksRailway PlatformRīga is the on the Baltic Sea coast and is the capital of Latvia.

We choose the hotel Forums - it's just over the road from where the bus stops.

After an enjoyable greasy meat pasty we take a train to Jurmala, the seaside resorts on the Baltic coast.

The train is pretty amazing! - it's is a proper solidly built Russian thing. It's like a barn on wheels.

Sun Sea and Sand at JurmalaSquare
It's mid-summer holiday - the beach is busy with folk all enjoying the fresh Baltic sea air.

I endure some Balsam coffee - not recommended! (Black Balsam is a black gooey drink that should be avoided at all costs.)
ArtistsGoddess Milda on the freedom monumentBack to Rīga then rain!

That soon clears up after a couple of platters of semi raw meat and fish, steak and gravlax. And some beer.

A street artist, and accompanying girls, draw Matthew's portrait. (A very good likeness!)

Vanšu BridgeGlass clad buildingWe change the time on our watches: we're on BST minus 2 hours, and it's quite light at 23:00. We're so far north there's twilight throughout the night.

The Blackberry's Internet and email is "off line" here in Rīga.

House of the

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